Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “servant of God”

Best Nicknames:
Obe, Obee, Obie, Oby

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Obadias, Obadya, Obed, Obediah

Obadiah TV and Movie Quotes:
“Obadiah, he- he’s gone insane!”
Iron Man (2008)
“Obadiah? Why, they love him!”
Sharpe’s Company (1994)

Famous people named Obadiah or its variations

1. Obadiah Geia (b. 1989), Australian rugby pro,
Nickname: Obe
2. Obadiah Tarumbwa Moyo (b. 1985), Zimbabwean
football pro
3. Obadiah Bruen Brown (1779-1852), American
Baptist minister

Obadiah Middle Names
Obadiah Earl
Obadiah Gershom
Obadiah Marquis
Obadiah Samuel
Obadiah Wesley

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