Origin: Latin

Meaning: “lively”

Best Nicknames:
Bibi, Vi, Viv, Vivee, Vivi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Vivia, Vivian, Viviana, Viviane, Vivianna, Vivianne,
Vivienne, Vivyan, Vivyana, Vivyanne

Vivien TV and Movie Quotes:
“Pretty Woman is still my favorite movie. Vivien is, like, my hero.”
Veronica Mars: Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner (2005)
“In this light you look just like Vivien Leigh.” Indiana Jones
and the Fate of Atlantis
(1992 Video Game)

Famous people named Vivien or its variations

1. Vivien Elisabeth Cardone (b. 1993), American actress
2. Vivien Endicott-Douglas (b. 1990), Canadian actress
3. Vivien Leigh (1913-67), English actress
born Vivien Mary Hartley

Vivien Middle Names
Vivien Annabella
Vivien Grace
Vivien Margaret
Vivien Paulette
Vivien Rose

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