Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “good, pleasing”
also Scandinavian: fem. of Thor, “thunder”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Tovah, Tove, Tovia, Tovit, Towa, Tuva

Tova Book Quotes:
“Tova meant nothing by it.”
Whoever Finds This (1994)
“Well,” Tovah said firmly, “it was just a dream.”
Exit Light (2010)

Famous people named Tova or its variations

1. Tova Magnusson (b. 1968), Swedish actress,
comedian; born Towa Dorothea Magnusson
2. Tovah Feldshuh (b. 1952), American actress
born Terri Sue Feldshuh
3. Tova Borgnine (b. 1941), Norwegian-American
businesswoman; born Tove Træsnæs

Tova Middle Names
Tova Naomi
Tova Rebekah
Tova Tamar

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  1. Jaques says:

    I have always wanted to name a daughter Tova but unfortunately I am unable to have children so my wife and I are thinking of donating the name to our next rabbit… thoughts from the community on here?

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