Origin: Latin

Meaning: “victory”
short form of Victoria
also, Japanese: “bird”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Torey, Torie, Torree, Torrey, Torri,
Torrie, Torry, Torrye Tory

Tori TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ok, Tori’s character will be a cop who wears way too
much red lipstick and is obsessed with Raisin Bran. ”
Victorious: Sleepover at Sikowitz’s (2011)
“You love me Tori!” Lost and Delirious (2001)

Famous people named Tori or its variations

1. Tori Dawn Thompson (b. 1993), American singer
2. Tori Anderson (b. 1988), Canadian actress
3. Tori Sparks (b. 1983), American singer

Tori Middle Names
Tori Claire
Tori Melinda
Tori Sue
Tori Rainn

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  1. Tori spencer says:

    My name is tori and this ones weird but i geg called T-Pain a lot died to one of my friends making fun of me Bc i got Hurt and she stated it as “t is in pain” + she knew i loves The rapper T-Pain. The a lot of other call me tor, tor-tor, t babe,& tor baby.

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