Origin: Basque

Meaning: “visitation”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:

Iker Book Quotes:
“I don’t bluff, Iker.” Cast a Yellow Shadow (2011)
“I said, leave my room,” Iker’s voice was low and threatening
now as he marched toward us. Defy (2014)

Famous people named Iker or its variations

1. Iker Muniain (b. 1992), Spanish footballer;
full name: Iker Muniain Goñi
2. Iker Casillas (b. 1981), Spanish football goalkeeper
full name: Iker Casillas Fernández
3. Iker Iturbe (b. 1976), Spanish basketball pro;
full name: Iker Iturbe Martínez de Lecea

Iker Middle Name
Iker Carmelo
Iker Felipe
Iker Markel
Iker Rinaldo

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