Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “fiery one”

Best Nicknames:
Sefi, Sefina, Fifi, Rafi

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Sarafina, Saraphina, Saraphine, Serafima,
Serafin, Seraphina, Seraphine

Serafina TV and Movie Quotes:
“Serafina, look how beautiful!” Black Orpheus (2009)
“My daughter, Serafina, just announced that she’s getting married.”
Cheers: Loathe and Marriage (1993)

Famous people named Serafina or its variations

1. Serafina Steer (b. 1982), English musician, singer
2. Serafina Salvador, English actress
3. Séraphine Claeys (b. 1955), Belgian writer, comic book

Serafina Middle Names
Serafina Eloise
Serafina Jewel
Serafina Odette
Serafina Rose

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  1. Fina Hamilton says:

    I was named after my nonna who originated from Sicily, I’m known as Fina…..I love my name, its beautiful.

  2. serafina tasha says:

    my name is too long so i need a nickname

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