Origin: Greek

Meaning: “master of thought”

Best Nicknames
Ark, Arch, Archie, Ark, Arq, Arqui

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Archimède, Archimeds, Arhimed, Arhimede, Arkhimedes,
Arkimedes, Arkimedi, Arkimedo, Arximed

Arquimedes TV and Movie Quotes
“My name is… Arquimedes Cesar Plutarco Gavilan
y Ortiz.” Boardwalk Empire: Cuanto (2014)

Famous people named Arquimedes or its variations

1. Arquímedes Euclides Caminero (b. 1987), Dominican
baseball pro
2. Arkimedes Arguelyes (b. 1988), Russian road racing cyclist pro
3. Archimede Morleo (b. 1983), Italian pro footballer

Arquimedes Middle Names
Arquimedes Lorenzo
Arquimedes José
Arquimedes Salvador
Arquimedes Valentin

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