Origin: English

Meaning: “blurred, marked by mist”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Misti, Mistie, Mystee, Mysti, Mystie

Misty TV and Movie Quotes:
“I was so kicking your butt there, Misty!”
Pokémon (1998 TV Series)
“Umm, don’t use words unless you mean them, Misty.”
Serial Mom (1994)

Famous people named Misty or its variations

1. Misty Copeland (b. 1982), American ballet dancer
2. Misty Lee (b. 1976), American professional magician
3. Misty Rowe (b. 1950), American actress

Misty Middle Names
Misty Anne
Misty Faye
Misty Jean
Misty Leigh
Misty Sue

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