Origin: Greek

Meaning: “beloved”

Best Nicknames:
Lolo, Phillie, Menna, Mennie

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Filimena, Filomene, Filumena, Philimena,
Philomena, Philomene, Philomina

Philomena TV and Movie Quotes:
“… I could have told you Philomena was a phoenix and saved you all
this trouble.” My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (2010 TV Series)
“In 1993, 70 years after the massacre, the Florida House of
Representatives granted reparations to the Rosewood families,
spearheaded by Philomena’s son, Arnett Doctor.” Rosewood (1997)

Famous people named Philomena or its variations

1. Philomena Bankston (b. 1990), American actress
2. Philomena Begley (b. 1942), Irish country music singer
3. Philomina (1925-2006), Indian actress

Philomena Middle Names
Philomena Kierstyn
Philomena Laraine
Philomena Odette
Philomena Quinne
Philomena Rose

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