Origin: Lithuanian

Meaning: “grace”
as a variant of Anna; also a variant of Una (Latin)
also a nickname for names ending in “Ona”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Onalee, Onata, Onna, Onnie

Ona Book Quotes:
“Ona was returning home from County High School in Buxton
on the late afternoon train when she saw me.” Path to
Freedom: My Story of Perseverance
“Washington was determined to get Ona back.” More Than
Petticoats: Remarkable New Hampshire Women

Famous people named Ona or its variations
Ona CarbonellOna GrauerOna Jukneviciene

1. Ona Carbonell Ballestero (b. 1990), Spanish
synchronized swimmer
2. Ona Grauer (b. 1978), Mexican–Canadian actress
born Anna-Margarita Grauer
3, Ona Juknevičienė (b. 1955 in Trakai), Lithuanian politician

Ona Middle Names
Ona Brielle
Ona Justine
Ona Mae
Ona Persephone
Ona Yvonne

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