Origin: Irish Gaelic

Meaning: “white shoulder”

Best Nicknames:
Fee, Fi, Fifi, Nola, Nuala

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Fenella, Finella, Finola, Fionnghuala, Fionnula, Fionnualagh

Fionnuala TV and Movie Quotes:
“Fionnuala and Kevin put up with a lot, especially the boy.”
Ballykissangel: Rock Bottom (1998)

Famous people named Fionnuala or its variations

1. Fionnuala Sherry (b. 1963), Irish violinist, singer
2. Fionnuala Ní Aoláin (b. 1965), Irish lawyer, human rights
law expert, author
3. Fionnula Flanagan (b. 1941). Irish actress
born Fionnghuala Manon Flanagan

Fionnuala Middle Names
Fionnuala Bridget
Fionnuala Clodagh
Fionnuala Kate
Fionnuala Roisin
Fionnuala Sinead

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