Rosario (Girl)

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: garland of roses

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Rosa, Rosaria, Rosarina, Sara, Sari, Saria, Sarina

Rosario TV and Movie Quotes:
“F.A.O-yay. Schwartz-o. Si, si Rosario! Gracias! Hola!”
Will and Grace (1998 TV Series)
“Are you still waiting for Rosario to show up?”
Pascual Duarte (1976)

Famous people named Rosario or its variations

1. Rosario Isabel Dawson (b. 1976), American actress
2. Rosario Fernández (b. 1955), Peruvian politician
born Rosario Del Pilar Fernández Figueroa
3. Rosario Aguilar (b. 1938), Nicaraguan novelist
born Rosario Fiallos Oyanguren de Aguilar

Rosario Middle Names
Rosario Blanca
Rosario Joaquina
Rosario Lourdes
Rosario Soledad

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