Origin: French

Meaning: “Christmas”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Elle, Ella, Noe, Noel, Noël, Noela, Noele, Noeleen,
Noelene, Noeline, Noeliz, Noell, Noëlle, Noella

Noelle TV and Movie Quotes:
” I like my life here with you and Noelle.”
The Nines (2007)
“Did you do it for Noelle, or for the money?”
Wedlock (1991)

Famous people named Noelle or its variations

1. Noelle Hope Freeman (b. 1989), American beauty queen
(Miss California 2011)
2. Noëlla Roos (b. 1969), Dutch artist
3. Noelle Beck (b. 1968), American actress

Noelle Middle Names
Noelle Antoinette
Noelle Deirdre
Noelle Jewel
Noelle Maxena
Noelle Paola

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  1. Noelle says:

    Noey, Zoey, No-L, Belle, Zelle, Zelda, Zelda-Mae, Bellsey

  2. Noelle says:

    Noelley, No-No (when I was little) , Noeny-baloney (from my brothers) and No! I’m thinking bout El

    • Noelle says:

      My mom called me Nuna-balluna😂 sometimes my siblings call Noon, Net or Nat (like black Widow’s ‘Nat’)

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