Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Roman goddess”
also, 6th month of the year

Best Nicknames:
Junie, June-Bug

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Junae, Junel, Junelle, Junette, Junita, Juno

June TV and Movie Quotes:
“No, June, you’re beautiful.”
Walk the Line (2005)
“You have to go with me to talk to June.”
Georgia Rule (2007)

Famous people named June or its variations

1. June Tabor (b. 1947), English folk singer.
2. June Antoinette Pointer Whitmore (1953-2006),
American singer (The Pointer Sisters)
3. June Havoc a.k.a. Baby June (1912-2010), Canadian-born
American actress; born Ellen Evangeline Hovick

June Middle Names
June Clarice
June Emily
June Genevieve
June Melissa
June Rosamond

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