Origin: Italian

Meaning: “black-haired”

Best Nicknames:
Neri, Nerri, Nerrie, Nerry, Risa, Rissa

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Narisa, Narissa, Narysa, Naryssa,
Nericcia, Nerisa, Nerysa

Nerissa Book Quotes:
“All afternoon, Nerissa dreamed of Smyrna beneath her
bearskin cover.” The Maiden’s Odyssey (2010)
“‘I saw that look on your face,’ Nerisa said.”
The Complete Timuras (2005)

Famous people named Nerissa or its variations

1. Nerissa Knight, American TV journalist
2. Nerissa Nields (b. 1967), American folk-rock singer
3. Nerissa Corazon Soon-Ruiz (b. 1956), Filipino politician

Nerissa Middle Names
Nerissa Annette
Nerissa Darlene
Nerissa Luanne
Nerissa Paloma
Nerissa Rae

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