Origin: Italian

Meaning: “works with the hands”
feminine of Fabrizio

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Fabi, Fabrice, Fabricia, Fabriciana, Fabrienne, Fabriqua, Fabritzia

Fabrizia Book Quotes:
“Fabrizia Ramondino is a great interpreter of Southern Italian life …”
Italian Studies Vol. 48-49 (1993)
“Fabrizia, the daughter of the renowned cook Anna Tasca Lanza,
is taking over her mother’s cooking school” Heart of the
Artichoke and Other Kitchen Journeys

Famous people named Fabrizia or its variations

1. Fabrizia D’Ottavio (b. 1985), Italian gymnast
2. Fabrizia Sacchi (b. 1971), Italian actress
3. Fabrizia Lanza (b. 1961), Sicilian culinary expert

Fabrizia Middle Names
Fabrizia Allyn
Fabrizia Elke
Fabrizia Gisele
Fabrizia Iris
Fabrizia Noelle

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