Origin: Greek

Meaning: “glory”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Clea, Cleo, Clio, Kleah, Klee, Kleigh, Kleo, Klio

Klea TV and Movie Quotes:
“Now, can anyone tell me what George Washington was famous for? Klea?” You Can’t Do That on Television (1979 TV Series)
“Well, I think Klea’s right.” Charmed: The Demon Who Came in from the Cold (2001)

Famous people named Klea or its variations

1. Klea Scott (b. 1968), Panamanian-Canadian actress
2. Klea Blackhurst, American singer, actress

Klea Middle Names
Klea Jennifer
Klea Laurie
Klea Odette
Klea Suzanne

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