Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Easter child”

Best Nicknames:
Paz (for Pascal)
Pat, Patsy (for Pasquale in USA)

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Pascale, Paschal, Paschalis, Pascual,
Pascuale, Pasqual, Pasquale

Pascal and Pasquale TV and Movie Quotes:
“This is it. This is a very big day, Pascal.” Tangled (2010)
“Pascal, the oysters were delicious.” The Evening Star (1996)
“Pasquale, we have a problem.” Vice Versa (1988)
“I”m sorry, Pasquale. I couldn’t make it.” Serpico (1973)

Famous people named Pascal or its variations

1. Pascal Greggory (b. 1954), French actor
2. Pascal Charbonneau (b. 1983) Canadian grandmaster of chess
3. Pasquale Macchi (1923-2006), Italian archbishop,
private secretary to Pope John Paul VI

Pascal Middle Names
Pascal Elijah
Pascal Laurence
Pascal Nicolas

Pasquale Middle Names
Pasquale Gennaro
Pasquale Niccolo
Pasquale Tomas

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