Origin: Latin

Meaning: “caution, discretion”
virtue name

Best Nicknames:
Pru, Prue, Prudee, Prudie

Variations and Sound Alikes:

Prudence TV and Movie Quotes:
“Prudence, our mission was not to intervene while the system
functioned perfectly.” Sometime in April (2005)
“Fester, you and Job, go fetch Prudence a drink.”
Country Cuzzins (1970)

Famous people named Prudence or its variations

1. Prudence Liew Mei-Gwan (b. 1964), Hong Kong pop singer
2. Prudence Wright Holmes, American actress
3. Prue Leith (b. 1940), TV cook, cookery author
born Prudence Margaret Leith

Prudence Middle Names
Prudence Amanda
Prudence Elin
Prudence Marlee
Prudence Rose
Prudence Samantha

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