Origin: Arabic

Meaning: settler

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ad, Adan, Adin, Adyn, Adnaan

Adnan Book Quotes:
“Adnan laughed at the expression on my face.”
The Death Blow to America (2008)
“Adnan called me for dinner and I met him.”
The Organ Grinder’s Monkey (2013)

Famous people named Adnan or its variations

1. Adnan Hamidović (b. 1982), Bosnian rapper;
stage name: Frenkie
2. Adnan Maral (b. 1968), Turkish-German actor
3. Adnan bin Haji Yaakob (b. 1950),
Malaysian politician

Adnan Middle Names
Adnan Berat
Adnan Mohamed
Adnan Saeed

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