Origin: Nordic

Meaning: “new victory”
pronunciation “seen-yuh”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Signa, Signild, Signilda, Signilde, Signy

Phrases you may say or hear someday:
Bundle up, Signe, or you’ll catch your death.
Signe has been a little colicky lately.
Strawberry shortcake is Signe’s favorite dessert.

Famous people named Signe or its variations

1. Signe Baumane (b. 1964), Latvian animator, fine artist
2. Signe Toly Anderson (b. 1941), American singer
3. Signe Hasso (1915-2002), Swedish-born American actress,
born Signe Eleonora Cecilia Larsson

Signe Middle Names
Signe Cecilie
Signe Freja
Signe Johanne
Signe Mathilde
Signe Olivia

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