Origin: Middle English

Meaning: “interpreter”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Lattemore, Lattimore, Latymer

Latimer TV and Movie Quotes:
“Hi. Rick Latimer. I’m the new principal.”
The Principal (1987)
“Oh dear me. Latimer takes it upon himself to make us
realize how wrong we all are.” Dr. Who:
Human Nature

Famous people named Latimer or its variations

1. Latimer Whipple Ballou (1812-1900), Rhode Island politician
2. Latimer A. McCook (1820-69), Civil War surgeon
3. Josiah Latimer Clark (1822-98), British electrical engineer,
inventor of the Clark hydraulic lift graving dock

Latimer Middle Names
Latimer Charles
Latimer Elwin
Latimer Levander
Latimer Orville
Latimer Pembroke

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