Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “concealed by the Lord”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Zeff, Zeph, Zephan, Zephen, Zephram, Zephyn

Zephaniah Book Quotes:
“Best to have a checking account, Zephaniah said.”
The Kentucky Anthology (2010)
“Zephaniah placed his feet on a stool made of six large juice
cans covered with red cloth.” The Good Brother (1998)

Famous people named Zephaniah or its variations

1. Zephaniah Swift Moore (1770-1823), American clergyman,
educator; founder of Amherst College
2. Zephaniah Charles Platt (1805-1884), American bank president,
grandson of first permanent settler in Champlain Valley, NY
3. Zephaniah (7th century B.C.), biblical prophet

Zephaniah Middle Names
Zephaniah Amos
Zephaniah Cyrus
Zephaniah Elias
Zephaniah Isaac
Zephaniah Jonas

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