Origin: Italian, Spanish

Meaning: “yellow-haired”
derived from ancient Roman family name

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Flaviano, Flavios, Flaviu, Flavius

Flavio TV and Movie Quotes:
“Flavio still hadn’t talked to anybody”
Detective First Grade (2011)
“Flavio laughed wildly at his own joke.”
Indisputable Evidence (2006)

Famous people named Flavio or its variations

1. Flavio Cipolla (b. 1983), Italian tennis pro
2. Flávio Galvão (b. 1949), Brazilian actor;
born Flávio José Galvão de França
3. Flaviano Yengko (1874-97), Filipino war hero;
aka the “Hero of Salitran

Flavio Middle Names
Flavio Antonio
Flavio Gennaro
Flavio Marcus
Flavio Rafael

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