Origin: Latin

Meaning: “little plum”

Best Nicknames:
Nell, Nella, Nellie, Nelly, Pru, Prue

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Parnella, Pernella, Prunelle

Prunella TV and Movie Quotes:
“You, Prunella, your knee creaks.” Cinderella (1965)
“But that was a terrific act! Prunella and her Prancing Poultry.”
The Muppet Show: Peter Sellers (1978)

Famous people named Prunella or its variations

1. Prunella Deegan, cartoon character;
from Arthur (1996 cartoon series)
2. Prunella Gee (b. 1950), English actress
3. Prunella Clough (1919-99), English artist

Prunella Middle Names
Prunella Joan
Prunella Marie
Prunella Odette
Prunella Susanne

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