Origin: Old German

meaning: “famous wolf”
variant of Rudolph or Ralph

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ralf, Rolfe, Rolle, Rollo, Rolph

Rolf TV and Movie Quotes:
“… yes, your son Rolf Harrer was born while you were climbing
the mountain.” Seven Years in Tibet (1997)
“I was born in Düsseldorf, and that is why they call me Rolf.”
The Producers (2005)

Famous people named Rolf or its variations
Rolf Stommelen

1. Rolf Roosalu, aka Rolf Junior (b. 1982), Estonian singer
2. Rolfe Kanefsky (b. 1969), American film writer, director
3. Rolf Johann Stommelen (July 1943-83), German race car driver

Rolf Middle Names:
Rolf Gerhardt
Rolf Johannes
Rolf Maxwell
Rolf Stefano
Rolf William

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