Girls Names P: Meanings, Nicknames


Pippa was the 165th most popular female name in the United Kingdom in 2012


Also a plant name and fabric used for shoes. In poetry, Robert Frost wrote about the plant, blue prunella; Alexander Pope referred to shoes with “leather and prunella”


Prudence has not been in the Top 1000 American baby girls since 1948


Priscilla made its way into the Top 200 American baby girl names from 1980 through 1994; by 2011, it was No. 487


Portia has managed to get in the Top 1000 American baby girl names for two consistent periods: 1941 to 1967 and 1983 to 1991


Poppy is a highly popular girl’s name in the United Kingdom ranking as the 14th most popular choice in 2011


Polly has long been a name in its own right, as well as a nickname for Mary and girls’ names beginning with ‘Paul’, like Paula and Paulette


Piper started out the 21st century at No. 509 as a popular U.S. baby girl name. By 2011, it was No. 110


Pilar was a unisex name in the USA in most of the 1990s. The SSA recorded at least 5 boys named Pilar for almost every year.


in 2011, 69 American baby girls were named Pia, 12 more than in 2010


Phyllis was a consistent Top 50 American baby girl name from 1923 through 1949. It fell out of the Top 1000 in 1985


Phoebe regained some of its early 20th century popularity in the 21st century, ranking as high as No. 309 in 2010

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