Origin: Latin

Meaning: “fit to be loved, lovable”

Best Nicknames:
Manda, Mandee, Mandi, Mandie, Mandy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Amandah, Amandi, Amandie, Amandine, Amandy

Amanda Movie and TV Quotes:
“Amanda’s nineteen!” Taken (2008)
“You took Amanda with you?” Gone Baby Gone (2007)
“I have a date with Amanda.” Anything Else (2003)

Famous people named Amanda or its variations

1. Amanda Peet (b. 1972), actress
2. Amanda Michelle Seyfried (b. 1985), actress
3. Amanda Laura Bynes (b. 1986), actress

Amanda Middle Names
Amanda Brooke
Amanda Delores
Amanda Francetta
Amanda Jessamyn
Amanda Serenity

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