Origin: Hungarian

Meaning: “light”
variant of Helen

Best Nicknames
Ilie, Lona, Loney, Loni, Lola, Lolo

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Elona, Ellona, Elonna, Illona, Ilone, Ilonka, Ilonna, Yllona

Ilona TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ilona made big sacrifices to succeed.”
Renaissance (2006)
“Ilona found out about it from your book”
Weird Woman (1944)

Famous people named Ilona or its variations

1. Ilona Mitrecey (b. 1993), French singer
2. Ilona Csáková (b. 1970), Czech singer
3. Ilona Ostrowska (b. 1974), Polish actress.

Ilona Middle Names
Ilona Ashlee
Ilona Esme
Ilona Lisette
Ilona Suzanne
Ilona Therese

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