Origin: Greek

Meaning: “sun ray, shining light”

Best Nicknames:
Elli, Ellie, Elly, Laine, Laini, Lainey, Layney

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Elaene, Elaina, Elaini, Elana, Elane, Elanna,
Elayna, Elayne, Elliana, Ellaine, Ellane, Ellayne

Elaine TV and Movie Quotes:
“Elaine, he’s a male bimbo. He’s a mimbo!” Seinfeld (1990)
“So old Elaine Robinson got started in a Ford.”
The Graduate (1967)
“We’re not in the past anymore, Elaine. This… is the FUTURE.”
Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

Famous people named Elaine or its variations

1. Elaine Tan (b. 1982), British actress
2. Elaine Paige (b. 1948), British actress, singer
born Elaine Mary Bickerstaff
3. Elaine Bawson Stritch (b. 1925), American actress, vocalist

Elaine Middle Names
Elaine Annette
Elaine Faye
Elaine Joanne
Elaine Moira
Elaine Roberta

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