Origin: Polish


Variations, Nicknames Sound Alikes:
Rut, Routh, Rue, Rūta, Rute, Ruth, Ruthie

Ruta TV and Movie Quotes:
“Ruta honey, you don’t know how I’m gonna hate myself in the morning, but I can’t make this scene. An American Dream (1966)
“Ruta is mentoring Gary through his career switch from cabdriver to actor.” La La Land (2010 TV Series)

Famous people named Ruta or its variations

1. Rūta Meilutytė (b. 1997), Lithuanian swimmer
2. Rūta Gajauskaitė, (b. 1989), Lithuanian figure skater
3. Ruta Lee (b. 1935) Canadian-born actress, dancer
born Ruta Mary Kilmonis

Ruta Middle Names
Ruta Jeane
Ruta Louise
Ruta Marie
Ruta Pauline
Ruta Sofia

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