Origin: English

Meaning: “beloved”
a derivation of David

Best Nicknames
Dave, Davey, Davie

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Davys, Davies, Davison, Daviss, Davys, Davyss

Davis TV and Movie Quotes:
“Admit it Chloe, you have feelings for Davis.”
Smallville: Beast (2009)
“What’s Davis got to do with it?”
Knight Rider: Redemption of a Champion (1986)

Famous people named Davis or its variations

1. Davis Anthony Drewiske (b. 1984), American ice hockey pro
2. Davis Chester Katsonga (b. 1955), Malawian politician
3. Dave Robertson (1889-1970), American baseball pro;
born Davis Aydelotte Robertson

Davis Middle Names
Davis Bryce
Davis Kurtis
Davis Mitchell
Davis Rowland
Davis Sylvester

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