Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “date palm”

Best Nicknames:
Tama, Tamma, Tami, Tamie, Tammi, Tammy, Mara

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Tamar, Tamarah, Tamarra, Tamary, Tamera, Tammara, Tamora,
Tamra, Tamrah, Tamryn, Thamar, Thamara, Thamarra, Thamera
Tamara TV and Movie Quotes:
“Do you know who Tamara’s boyfriend is?”
Law & Order: Criminal Intent – Stray (2003)
“I’m talking about Tamara, and I’m talking about Andie.”
Dawson’s Creek: Four to Tango (1999)

Famous people named Tamara or its variations

1. Tamara Rojo (b. 1974), Spanish ballerina
2. Tamara Renee Tunie (b. 1959), American actress
3. Tamāra Vilerte (b. 1954), Latvian chess champ

Tamara Middle Names
Tamara Chelsea
Tamara Joy
Tamara Kimberlee
Tamara Phoebe
Tamara Stacy

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  1. Tamara Williams says:

    Tam-Tam and Tam are good ones, my younger family members calls me Tam-Tam but my older family members calls me Tam so that’s a cute nickname.

  2. Tamara says:

    My name is Tamara but my most favorite nickname so far is Ara😊… since my childhood.

    I think it should be considered a nickname generally, for this name

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