Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: “forever or alone, ruler”

Best Nicknames:
Rick, Ricky, Rico, Rikky

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Enrico, Erico, Erek, Erich, Erick,
Erik, Eriq, Errick, Eryk

Eric TV and Movie Quotes:
“That’s enough, Eric!” The X-Men (2000)
“Eric, I didn’t take your action figure.”
That ’70s Show 1998 TV Series
“Eric isn’t fat. He’s big-boned.”
South Park (1997 TV Series)

Famous people named Eric or its variations

1. Eric Patrick Clapton (b. 1945), English singer, guitarist
2. Eric William Dane (b. 1972, American actor
“Grey’s Anatomy”
3. Erick Travez Dampier (b. 1975), American basketball pro

Eric Middle Names
Eric Christian
Eric Grant
Eric Matthew
Eric Ryan
Eric Tarleton

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  1. Jeisa Ortega says:



    There are errors here. 1. Old accepted nickname for Eric was Harry, used by Harry Houdini, whose real name was Ehrich Weiss. 2. Enrico is Italian for Henry. 3. Erico / Errico is an Italian surname. 4. Ericole is a good nickname but is Italian for Hercule / Hercules. 5. Ancient Greeks originated the name in two forms: Ericthonios and Erictheos. 6. Jews commonly use Eric instead of the Hebrew name Ari / Aric / Aryeh.

    • vj says:

      You might have said “omissions” rather than “errors,” Rev. In any event, it’s debatable whether Harry is one of the best nicknames for someone named Eric nowadays.

  3. anonymous says:

    I, personally, call my husband Eric, Erbie – phonetically: air-bee. Kind of a mix of Eric, and Baby… works for us!

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