Origin: common English nickname
Larry is usually a nickname for Laurence or Lawrence

Meaning of Laurence: “crowned with laurels”

Larry Variations:

Larry TV or Movie Quotes:
“You just don’t get the nickname “Lucky Larry.” You
gotta be lucky.” Poseidon (2006)
“Is this your homework, Larry?” The Big Lebowski (1998)
“I said Larry King won’t grant me three wishes!”
South Park: City on the Edge of Forever (1998)

Famous people nicknamed Larry

1. Larry Fine (1902-75), American comedian
born Louis Feinberg, one of the Three Stooges
2. Larry Hernandez (b. 1977), American-born Mexican singer
3. Larry King (1933), American TV host
born Lawrence Harvey King

Real Larrys:
Larry Wayne Gatlin (b. 1948), American country music singer
Larry Martin Hagman (b. 1931), American actor
Larry Kenney (b. 1947), American radio personality, voice actor

More Larrys:
Larry the Cable Guy (b. 1963), American comedian
born Daniel Lawrence Whitney
Larry Marshall (b. 1941), Jamaican reggae singer
born Fitzroy Marshall
Larry Mullen (b. 1961), Irish musician
born Lawrence Joseph Mullen, Jr.

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