Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “alive and well”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Aayshah, Aeesha, Aeeshah, Aeisha, Aesha, Aeshah, Aeshah,
Aiesha, Aieshah, Aishah, Aishatu, Aishia, Aisia, Aisiah, Ayeesa,
Ayeesah, Ayeesha, Ayeeshah, Ayeisa, Ayeisah, Ayeisha,

Aisha TV and Movie Quotes:
“I have to tell the headmaster that Aisha broke the swing.”
Bromwell High 2005 TV Series
“…I swear to Aisha, I’m going to hurt them.”
Scrubs (2001 TV Series)

Famous people named Aisha or its variations

1. Aisha N. Tyler (b. 1970), American actress and writer
2. Aisha Jamila Francis, American dancer and actress
3. Ayesha Dharker (b. 1977), Indian actress

Aisha Middle Names
Aisha Brooke
Aisha Gisele
Aisha Ramona
Aisha Zuleikha

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