Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “lioness”
also, Italian: “air”; Persian: “noble”

Best Nicknames
Ari, Arie, Arri, Arrie, Arry

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Ariah, Ariea, Arieah, Ariya, Ariyah,
Arya, Aryah, Arria, Arriah, Arriea,
Arrieah, Arriya, Arriyah

Aria TV and Movie Quotes:
“Aria, Alison was buried alive.”
Pretty Little Liars: Save the Date (2011)

Famous people named Aria or its variations

1. Aria Summer Wallace (b. 1996), American actress
2. Aria Clemente (b. 1995), Filipina singer, actress;
born Aria Daniella Hernandez Clemente
3. Aria Noelle Curzon (b. 1987), American actress

Aria Middle names
Aria Chassidy
Aria Kaydence
Aria Michelle
Aria Ryleigh
Aria Selene

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