Origin: Scottish

Meaning: “God is gracious”
originally, a pet name for Jane

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Janeth, Janett, Janetta, Janette, Jenetta, Jenette,
Jennette, Johnetta, Johnette, Jonette

Janet TV and Movie Quotes:
“That’s easy for you to say, you didn’t just pull a
Janet Jackson at the Snowflake Ball.”
Gossip Girl: It’s a Wonderful Lie (2008)
“Four words. Attorney General Janet Reno.”
Married with Children: Kelly Breaks Out (1994)
“Hey, what’s wrong with Paula Abdul and
Janet Jackson?” Saved by the Bell (1989)

Famous people named Janet or its variations

1. Janet Damita Jo Jackson (b. 1966), American singer, actress
2. Janet Jagan (1920-2009), American-born Guayanese politician,
President of Guyana (1997-1999)
3. Janet Leigh (1927-2004), American actress
born Jeanette Helen Morrison

Janet Middle Names
Janet Chelsey
Janet Denise
Janet Imogen
Janet Melanie
Janet Sharmaine

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  1. Janet Buxton says:

    My middle name is Gaye ..and I have always liked my name, most always used together in my family.

    Nicknames have been Jenny And Jan and my Internet name is Janerbee.

  2. Janet Osborne says:

    Jenny jan

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