Origin: Greek

Meaning: “mighty hunter”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Arion, Orin, Oron, Orrin, Oryon, Rion

Orion TV and Movie Quotes:
“Orion is Darkseid’s son.”
Smallville: Prophecy (2011)
“Who is this Orion who calls himself all powerful?”
Highlander: The Animated Series (1994 TV Series)

Famous people named Orion or its variations

1. Orion Samuelson a.k.a. “The Big O” (b. 1934), American broadcaster, “U.S. Farm Report”
2. Orion Clemens (1825–1897), first and only Secretary of Nevada Territory. Older brother of Mark Twain
3. Orion Perseus Howe (1848-1930), Union drummer boy, one of the youngest Civil War Medal of Honor recipients

Orion Middle Names
Orion Andreas
Orion Elijah
Orion Hunter
Orion Jett
Orion Zachariah

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  1. Orion says:

    I’m trans and chose this name for myself because of personal connotations with the constellation. :)

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