Origin: Irish

Kitty is a generally nickname for Katherine, and its variants.

As a nickname, it is not limited to girls named Katherine, Catherine or variations, but may be given to a child for many reasons, such as being tiny, cute, cuddly and affectionate like a kitten.

It can and has been used as a given name often enough for it to appear in the Top 1000 popular females names in the USA in many years. Kitty ranked highest in 1881 at No. 355. That same year, Kittie was the 331st most popular female name. Kittie continued to rank higher than Kitty in the 1880s and 1890s, staying in the Top 500 names until 1894. In the 1900s, Kitty became the preferred spelling.

Kitty TV and Movie Quotes:
“Oh after you, Kitty Kat.” Pulp Fiction (1994)
“For God’s sake, Kitty, I’m not Santa Claus.”
That 70s Show (1998 TV Series)
“Good thing you’re not a man, Kitty.”
Gunsmoke: Monopoly (1958)

Famous people named Kitty or its variations

1. Kitty Crowther (b. 1970), Belgian illustrator, author
2. Kitty Kelley (b. 1942), American journalist, author
3. Kitty Wells (1919-2012), American country singer,
born Ellen Muriel Deason

Real Kittys:

  • Kitty Aldridge (b. 1962), British actress, writer
  • Kitty Flanagan, Australian comedienne, author
  • Kitty Lange Kielland (1843–1914), Norwegian painter
  • Kitty Margolis (born 1955), American jazz singer
  • Kitty White (1923–2009), American jazz vocalist;
    born Kitty Jean Bilbrew
  • Kitty Ferguson (born 1941), American science writer;
    born Kitty Gail Vetter


More Kittys:

  • Kitty Barne (1883-1961), British writer;
    born Marion Catherine Barne
  • Kitty Brucknell (b. 1984), British singer;
    born Kimberley Dayle Edwards
  • Kitty Canutt (1894-?), American bronc rider;
    born Katherine Derre, aka Kitty Wilks, Diamond Kitty
  • Kitty Carruthers (born 1961), American figure skater;
    born Caitlin A. “Kitty” Carruthers’
  • Kitty Cheatham (1864-1946), American singer, actress;
    born Katherine Cheatham
  • Kitty Dukakis (born 1936), wife, Mass. governor
    Michael Dukakis; born Katharine Dickson
  • Kitty van Haperen (born 1976), Dutch athlete;
    born Catharina Cornelia Maria Van Haperen

Kitties – this spelling was more popular than Kitty in the 1880s and 1890s

  • Kittie Bruneau (b. 1929), Canadian artist
  • Kittie Doswell (1939-2011), American singer

Men nicknamed Kitty

  • Kitty, Indian director, screenwriter, actor;
    born Raja Krishnamoorthy
  • Kitty Bransfield (1875–1947), American baseball pro;
    born William Edward Bransfield
  • Kitty Brashear (1877-1934), American baseball pro;
    born Norman Cobb Brashear

Fictional Kittys

  • Miss Kitty, saloon keeper, TV Western, Gunsmoke;
    played by Amanda Blake
  • Kitty Forman, nurse, That ’70s Show TV sitcom;
    played by Debra Jo Rupp
  • Kitty Sanchez, character on Arrested Development
    TV series, played by Judy Greer
  • Kitty Foyle, protagonist of 1939 Christopher Morley
    novel with same name
  • Kitty Norville, werewolf and main character in
    urban fantasy novels by Carrie Vaughn
  • Kitty Pryde, mutant in X-Men comics and films
  • Kitty, Felix the Cat series
  • Kitty Bell, Sailor Moon series
  • Kitty, imaginary friend in the diary of Anne Frank

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