Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “princess”
diminutive of Sarah

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Sada, Sadah, Sadelle, Saida, Saidee, Saidey, Saidie, Saydie

Sadie TV and Movie Quotes:
“Little Sadie Jones! How you’ve grown.”
License to Wed (2007)
“Sadie, get me a bottle of gin. I’ve only got an hour to live.”
Twentieth Century (1934)

Famous people named Sadie or its variations

1. Sadie Ama (b. 1987), British R&B singer
born Mersadie Louise Hall
2. Sadie Frost (b. 1965), English actress
born Sadie Liza Vaughan
3. Sadie Plant (b. 1964), British author, philosopher

Sade Middle Names
Sadie Agnes
Sadie Celine
Sadie Jane
Sadie Rosanne
Sadie Victoria

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  1. Sadie UwU says:

    My name is mercedes but i preffered to be called sadie so ive been given alot of nicknames such as sae-sae (like the other girl sadie) or sadie baby and then say-say.

  2. Sadie says:

    I’ve never really had a nickname my whole life. My sisters will calls me Sades a lot but that’s it! I think the nickname Sae is cute!

  3. Clammy Sammy says:

    SUR DUR, does anyone call u saddle?

    • Sadie says:

      I know it’s very late but my names Sadie, I’m an equestrian and my best friend does that!

  4. SUR DUR says:

    Everyone calls me sadie but my real name is SUR DUR

  5. Clammy Sammy says:


  6. sid says:

    so i was a science kid i used to love Sid with a passion but ever since the 26 episode i will never be able to see him the same way ever again

  7. carol says:

    saddle is a great nickname 10/10 would recommend

  8. Sadie says:

    My childhood nickname from Sadie is “Sae” or “Sae-Sae.” It comes from how, when I hadn’t been talking long, I began by calling my father “Daddy” but became lazy and then used “Da-da”, eventually shortening it to just “Da”. So my dad started calling me “Sae” in response. After a while, “Da” became “Daddy” or “Dad” but my nickname is still “Sae” or “Sae-Sae” as my mom calls me more often.

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