Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “young snake”

Best Nicknames:
Usie, Uzzy

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Osman, Othman, Uthmaan, Uthman

Usman TV and Movie Quotes:
“If we are to claw back influence with Usman,
your head will be the first thing he demands.”
The State Within (2006 TV Series)

Famous people named Usman or its variations
Usman ShinwariUsman AhmedUsman Shehu Bawa

1. Usman Khan Shinwari (b. 1994), Pakistani cricketer
2. Usman Ahmed (b. 1981), British boxing pro;
Nickname: Uzzy
3. Usman Shehu Bawa (b. 1973), Nigerian politician

Usman Middle Names
Usman Ali
Usman Mohammad
Usman Rashid
Usman Yusuf

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  1. Usman Asif says:

    Usmi, maani, Oshi are ny 3 nicknames :)

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