Origin: Hindu

Meaning: “Lord Shiva, lord of joy”
also, literally, conqueror of the Muka demon

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mahesh, Makesh, Makhesh, Mickey, Mookie, Mukesha

Mukesh Book Quotes:
“Mukesh was born with silver spoon (probably gold), but he did not rest on his father’s luxury.” Entrepreneurship (2008)
“Mukesh called the three of you Cinderella’s stepsisters.”
Master Of Life Skills (2008)

Famous people named Mukesh or its variations

1. Mukesh Kapila (b. 1955), Indian-English professor,
humanitarian, author
2. Mukesh Rishi (b. 1956), Indian actor
3. Mukesh Kumar (b. 1965), Indian golf pro

Mukesh Middle Names
Mukesh Anup
Mukesh Prakash
Mukesh Vikay

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