Origin: English, American

after the country, China
geographical name

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
China, Chyna

Phrases you may say or hear someday:
Chynna is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.
Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, Chynna.
No, she’s not from China. That’s her name,
with with a y and two n’s.

Famous people named Chynna or its variations

1. Chynna Phillips (b. 1968), American singer and actress
2. Chynna Ortaleza (b. 1982), Filipina actress
born Lara Serena Ortaleza
3. Chynna Clugston (b. 1975), American comic book creator

Chynna Middle Names
Chynna  Angel
Chynna Ebonie
Chynna Jade
Chynna Marie
Chynna Soleil

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  1. china says:

    CC is great or ynna as in ana

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