Origin: Old Norse

Meaning: “strong-willed, determined”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Ula, Ulia, Ulie, Ulrica, Ulrika

Ulla TV and Movie Quotes:
“From eight to nine Ulla eat big Swedish breakfast.”
The Producers (2005)
“I’ll get some sugar from Ulla the Healer!”
Slim Slam Slum (2002)

Famous people named Ulla or its variations

1. Ulla Andersson a.k.a. Ulla Jones (b. 1946)
Swedish model and actress
2. Ulla Löfgren (b. 1943), Swedish politician
3. Ulla Strömstedt (1939–86), Swedish actress

Ulla Middle Names
Ulla Mariana
Ulla Serafina
Ulla Sigmunda

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