Origin: Latin

Meaning: “laurel”
variant of Laura or Lora

Best Nicknames:
Lori, Lorri, Rena, Reena, Reyna

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Loreen, Loreene, Lorene, Lorenia, Lorenna, Lorrina.

Lorena TV and Movie Quotes:
“That’s all right for you, Gus; you got Lorena with you.”
Lonesome Dove (1989 Miniseries)
“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to accept my
invitation, Lorena.” True Blood (2009 TV Series)

Famous people named Lorena or its variations

1. Lorena Ayala (b. 1984), Dutch model
born Lorena Van Heerde
2. Lorena Ochoa Reyes (b. 1981), Mexican golf pro
3. Lorena Gale (1958-2009), Canadian actress

Lorena Middle Names
Lorena Astrid
Lorena Claudette
Lorena Fern
Lorena Marlee
Lorena Noemi

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