Origin: Greek

Meaning: “yellow, blonde”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Xan, Xant, Xanth, Xanthos, Zanthus, Zanthos

Xanthus Book Quotes:
“The wife of Xanthus was well born and wealthy but so proud
and domineering withal…”
How Aesop Brought Back His Master’s Wife (1692)
“Ipsilantis sent a deputy Xanthos knew as an honest
bungler.” The Hour of the Bell (2008)

Famous people named Xanthus or its variations

1.Xanthus Russell Smith (1839-1929), American Civil War painter
2.Emmanuel Xanthos (1772-1852), Greek independence leader

Xanthus Middle Names
Xanthus Alexandros
Xanthus Benedikt
Xanthus Georgios
Xanthus Nikolas
Xanthus Serge

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