Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God has created”

Best Nicknames:
Ace, Asa, Ase, Aze

Variations and Sound Alikes:
Asael, Asaeli, Asaell, Asayel, Asiel, Assael

Asahel Book Quotes:
“Asahel bought me a pair of pantaloons.”
Early History of the Town of Hopkinton (1903)
“Asahel liked shoeing horses, plowing and Arithmetic.”
The Faith of Phebe (2009)

Famous people named Asahel or its variations

1. Asahel Curtis (1874–1941) was a Pacific Northwest photographer
2. Asahel Wheeler Hubbard (1819-79), American attorney, judge
3. Asahel Grant (1807-44), first American missionary to Persia

Asahel Middle Names
Asahel Boyd
Asahel Joachim
Asahel Matthew
Asahel Silas

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