Butch can be boy or man’s Nickname

Origin: various

Meaning: tough kid, thought to be a shortened form of butcher; also a nickname used as a method of differentiating father and son when both had the same first name

Famous people nicknamed Butch

1. Butch Cassidy (1866-1908), American train and bank robber,
born Robert Leroy Parker
2. Butch Ballard (1918-2011), American jazz drummer,
born George Edward Ballard
3. Butch Jenkins (1937-2001), American child actor,
born Jack Dudley Jenkins

More Butches:

  • Butch Davis, American football coach,
    born Paul Hilton Davis, Jr.
  • Butch Goring, Canadian ice hockey pro,
    born Robert Goring
  • Butch Hartman IV, American animator,
    born Elmer Earl Hartman
  • Butch Johnson, American football pro,
    born Michael McColly Johnson
  • Butch Johnson, Olympic archer,
    born Richard Andrew Johnson
  • Butch Keeling, Canadian hockey pro,
    born Melville Sydney Keeling
  • Butch Patrick, American child actor,
    born Patrick Alan Lilley
  • Butch Vig, American drummer, record producer,
    born Bryan David Vig
  • Butch Wynegar, American baseball pro,
    born Harold Delano Wynegar, Jr.

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