Origin: Spanish

Meaning: “miracles”

Variations, Nicknames and Sound Alikes:
Mila, Milagro, Millie, Milo

Milagros Book Quotes:
“Isabella was convinced Milagros could help.”
Secrets of Tamarind (2011)
“At first, Milagros did not dare move.”
Milagros: Girl from Away (2008)

Famous people named Milagros or its variations

1. Milagros Schmoll (b. 1989), Argentine model
2. Milagros Sequera (b. 1980), Venezuelan tennis pro
3. Milagros Palma (b. 1949), French-Nicaraguan anthropologist

Milagros Middle Names
Milagros Amalia
Milagros Eliana
Milagros Manuela
Milagros Sophia

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